Ultimate Guide to Importing Furniture From China

China is one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturing countries. If you want to start a furniture selling business in your country, then you might consider importing china furniture. Since furniture from China is cheap, you can get higher profit markup. Before importing, you need to check with the local customs office to find out whether there are any fees or restrictions involved. After this, you can identify your supplier, place your order, and you are good to go. The following are important things to know before you start to import furniture from China.

Why Import Furniture?

Probably you are wondering why you should import furniture from China when you can get it locally. These are some of the reasons to consider importing furniture.

Excellent Quality

It is a good idea to promote local businesses. However, some furniture pieces are better made in certain countries. This means when you import furniture you can get high-quality furniture pieces that are not available locally. Most of the furniture-making companies in China use high-quality materials and adhere to required standards to guarantee elegant products.

Reduced Costs

The process of importing furniture comes with added costs such as import duty and shipping costs. Even with these extra expenses, you will discover that furniture made in China is cheaper than what you find locally. This is made possible by lower taxation, cheaper production costs, and technology. You can get competitive prices by reaching out to several suppliers and comparing costs.

Latest Trends

When it comes to interior design, companies in China have evolved because of stiff competition. Thus, when you import products from this country, you can get elegant items that suit your requirements. You might even be surprised to find that most of these products are not available locally.

What to Consider When Importing Furniture

You should note that the process of importing furniture is quite difficult. It is even more tedious if you are a beginner. If you are not careful, you can get low-quality products or even get nothing at all. Before you import furniture from China, make sure you follow these steps:

Avoid Restricted Imports

You need to check out with your local government office on types of wood or furniture imports that are prohibited. Ensure you only import furniture when you are sure it is legal to do so.

Understand Licensing Requirements

Sometimes you might be required to have a license to import certain goods such as furniture. If you are not sure about this, you should check with the local government offices. Fortunately, getting an import license is not expensive in most countries.

Hire Customs Broker

It is advisable to hire a customs broker. This is a professional who knows the restrictions and rules of import business. He or she will help you understand potential legal issues involved in importing furniture.


Nowadays, you can import furniture from China by making your order online. Make sure you designate the address where the shipment can be delivered to. Sometimes you might need to arrange logistics and pay for shipping costs.



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